Tuesday, February 11, 2020

African-American Muslims in Philadelphia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

African-American Muslims in Philadelphia - Essay Example Though the roles of men and women are clearly spelt out in the Quran, the bone of contention is: How are African-American women perceived or treated in this religion? While these women put themselves on the same equal ground as their male counterparts, the media and Americans in general see them as a subjugated group. Sunni African American women believe that Muslim is the first and only religion that is centered on feminism. They recognize this religion as their source of redemption in a male dominated world. Even though their opinions and views may seem absurd to most Americans, the religion keeps growing in popularity among the Blacks. It is worth noting that men were attracted to Islam as it put a lot of emphasis on male leadership1. Elijah Muhammad used this opportunity to affirm the role of both men and women in religion, leadership being the primary role of men. In African-American churches, leadership positions were mostly taken by women with one overall male leader- the pastor. Black women were also attracted to Islam despite being reduced to housewives and child bearers by the sect. This was due to how they viewed Muslim men and the respect that the religion accorded women and children. Unlike their irreligious or Christian counterparts, Muslim men were responsible, focused, loved their women and were always smart in suits. This attracted the women to the sect. Many came from abusive and dysfunctional families; Islam offered a source of reprieve and comfort for them. Elijah called for the men to protect and provide for their black women to preserve the purity of black skin and to discourage interracial relations with the whites. It was not for the benefit of the black women. In fact, men were in control of their spouses bodies. The only time men were not allowed to copulate with their wives was during menstruation and when they were sick. Regardless of whether she was in the mood or not, a Muslim woman was mandated by her religion to meet her

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