Friday, December 13, 2019

Joe and the Juice Free Essays

Ind. Competence. Joe and the juice: Franchise – you pay royalty every month, whether you earn or not – You use the name. We will write a custom essay sample on Joe and the Juice or any similar topic only for you Order Now The concept have to be good and proved. Of course you need a lot of money to invest, because the main firm does not give a single penny for your business. When you see a concept that people like you have to carry on this wave. Partnership is not like franchise . There is no real influence with the concepts. You have to stick to what all think is a good idea. You got limitations. You can choose how to look like but you still get limitations about the main concept. Fremtiden – future : restaurant business is to rely the personnel. How you adapt different stores to different market? – number of personnel is different depending on how busy they are. Adjust the music, take best employees to make sure the new place is working good, adapt to peoples behaviour. Try to learn from mistakes and take much more time before you open a stoer, so you can know what the locals are and you can adapt to them. . Scandic hotel To give people away from home the feeling of being home. They run the hotels, they do not own them. Promises and missions are part of any hotel chain. People skills are vital and training is vital. Team members should speak their mind and discuss. More sales are more service. Self-service is no service, it is ignorance Customers pay grants for emotions. Every business has a potential. Brand is much more than a logo type. Brand platform needs to be relevant to the customers. It is an explanation to who we are. People away from home need warm and nice atmosphere and friends. Caring, casual, creative – these are the values of Scandic. How to cite Joe and the Juice, Essay examples

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